Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Grandma's Sweet Cream Butter

Warm fresh cream to tepid temp. (I warm it to around 86 degrees). Fill the churn to 3/4 full and churn until the tiny dots of cream gather into lumps. The butter is ready to take out of the churn. Do not over churn or the buttermilk will be mixed back into your butter. It should be lumpy when taken out of the churn.
Put butter into a large shallow bowl and rinse out the buttermilk. Pour tepid water over the butter while you work it with your hand until the water runs clear. Squeeze the wash water out of the butter by hand or with a paddle on a tilted board.
Add canning salt to taste. (about 1 tsp. per pound). Work the salt in thoroughly Press butter into a mold and cool.
(You may wrap your butter in parchment paper which has been soaked in water. This helps keep the butter fresh when stored in a refrigerator).

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